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About Good Karma Pet Rescue


Why "Good Karma"?

I think the phrase “good karma” applies to animal rescue in so many ways.


As an animal rescuer, I have had sleepless nights and frantic days. I have cried with joy when beloved fosters went to their forever homes, and cried in sadness after losing precious puppies who died before their time. My carpets are stained and all my good shoes have been chewed to bits. After a particularly tough day, I often remind myself to think on the bright side — “Think of all the good karma I just earned!”


As an animal adopter, you are creating good karma by doing the right thing and by saving a life. You could buy a bred-to-order puppy or kitten from a breeder or a pet shop, but instead you are deciding to help tackle the problem of pet overpopulation by giving a rescued pet a home.


As an animal rescue, Good Karma strives to make sure its actions remain in line with its name. We don’t take shortcuts to make things easier, or to save money, or to place animals more quickly. Our mission started out of love for animals and the desire to make a profound and positive difference for every animal that comes under our care.


The latest addition to my furry family is Olivia, a chihuahua mix. She came to me as a foster puppy with distemper. One of her sisters stayed healthy, while the other died the day after they arrived at my house. Olivia was the fighter. She had pneumonia and for some time couldn’t even sleep laying down. But she won her battle against distemper and two months after she became my foster puppy, I decided to make her my forever friend. She is such a good, happy dog who brightens my life each and every day. She is such a special girl that I often think to myself that she is my reward for everything difficult I have done for the animals I have fostered: she is karma’s wonderful gift to me. I knew when I started a rescue that somehow I wanted to make the name relate to my Olivia. Good Karma does, because that’s what Olivia is to me.


My goal for Good Karma Pet Rescue is to find each and every dog, puppy, cat, and kitten that comes my way the perfect home — with an adopter that thinks of them as their reward for the good they’ve done in their lives.


There you have it — Good Karma!


Stacey Tollackson Chen, Founder
Good Karma Pet Rescue

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