We keep our supplies at our very own office! It is located near Commercial Boulevard & US-441, at

3601 West Commercial Boulevard, Suite 19
Lauderhill, FL 33309
(in Commercial Point Plaza)

This is usually our meeting place for vaccines, photos, etc. as well. Most of the things you will need routinely are available in the entryway, which is accessible 24/7/365. Just ask someone for the front-door code, or find it in our Facebook Group. The rest of the supplies are past the entryway door, so if you need something that is not in the entryway, just let the folks at the rescue know ahead of time to leave it out for you.

 Making an appointment to see the veterinary technician?
 Schedule here:


How to request something from the office? 
Fill out the supplies request here. 

You will get a response once your request is fulfilled and you can come pick up.


Want to stop in for some supplies or to help?

Check out the Good Karma calendar to see the hours we have people already scheduled.


What do we have there?

  • Entryway: Heartworm prevention, Fenbendazole and Pyrantel dewormers, Capstar, Terramycin eye ointment, flea medications, medicated and non-medicated shampoo, ear cleaner, Praziquantel (for tapeworms), Ponazuril coccidia treatment, SSD ointment, emergency-only dog and cat formula and bottles, as well as a couple of collars and leashes in each size

  • Past the Entryway: Donated food, dishes, doggy clothes, toys, treats. etc.

  • Collars & leashes

  • Crates

  • Tick treatment & prevention (NexGard)


Please help yourself to the food, toys, and etc. for use with your foster pets, and use the medications as recommended by our veterinarians and/or your rescue contact. Stacey and other volunteers are available to meet at the office several times per week, if you want to come by to get vaccines, supplies, photos of your foster done, or just ask a question or say hi.


updated 9/5/19



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