Medical cases

When we started rescuing, we were astonished at the number of medical cases that come into local shelters and are found in stray animals. From heart conditions to eyelid agenesis, heartworm disease, broken limbs, cataracts, neurological disorders, skin infections... we have seen it all.


And while these cases are always expensive, we have yet to turn our back on an animal because of its medical needs. We work carefully with our veterinary partners to ensure that we are doing what is best for the animal, without the funds required being a deciding factor.


We have had several veterinarians surprised at the lengths we are willing to go! This all comes at great cost, however. and we are only able to help these special animals thanks to the donations of our supporters. 

Puppy hit by car and left with both front legs broken!

This girl was hit by a car and left on the side of the road until Animal Control found her and picked her up. She had head trauma and was temporarily blind but luckily, her vision came back and they cleared her for surgery to repair her TWO front broken legs. The estimate is $1700 for her surgery, can you help?

Neglected Weebles Needs Dental Work

Weebles is a 12 year old male Chihuahua who came in as an owner surrender. He was so sick when he  got to us he could hardly stand.


We immediately took him to the vet where we found out he needed a blood transfusion as a result of severe anemia from a long term flea infestation & hookworms sucking the very life out of him. He had red bloody patches of hair missing, from being infested with fleas.


X-rays show a bad back with painful arthritis and he has severe periodontal disease. When Weebles is healthy enough, he will have surgery to get teeth pulled and a desperately needed cleaning.


Please help Weebles get healthy again, anything you can give helps!!