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IN-Depth Volunteer/Foster Website here: http://goodkarmavolunteers.com/

Updated 1/30/17

Remember to visit http://www.gkpr.ws for a quick reference of our addresses, contracts, etc.

Rescue roles & Board members: click here


You will receive an ORANGE FOLDER for each of your foster pets.  The folder will contain:

  • Microchip information and Home Again tag for collar (if already microchipped)

  • Rabies certificate if animal is 4 months or older and has been vaccinated

  • Health Record (carbonless copy form)

  • Adoption Contract (carbonless copy form)

  • A “What’s Included” sheet (carbonless copy form)

  • The color sheet about Good Karma

  • A marketing letter from Animal Medical Center

  • Guide to Vegetarian Eating (when we have it)

  • Trupanion Certificate (when we have it)

Keep this folder in a safe place. Bring it with you to any veterinary appointments so it can be updated as needed. Make sure you note any medication given or any appointment you have. Also you make sure you bring the folder along to any events or where your foster pet is on displayed; you never know when an adoption is going to happen! Once your foster is adopted, this folder will be given to the new guardians. Anything diagnosed/done to the pet should be noted on the Health Record; the folks at the veterinary office or with the rescue can help with that. New ORANGE FOLDERS are available for pick up our office in the entryway, or will be given to you by a Good Karma representative.



As soon as you can after receiving your new foster pet, please do an Intake Form, located at http://intake.goodkarmapetrescue.org. This will help us get your foster pet in our database and advertised for adoption. After you get to know your foster pet a little better, you can do an updated intake form to let us know to update your foster pet’s adoption bio. The more specific you can be about your pet, the better it will be for them, and the easier they will find a home. And if you can write in complete sentences, you will make our job easier!

Upon intake, please also make sure your foster pet gets a dose of dewormer. For kittens & cats of all ages and puppies under 6 weeks, we use Pyrantel. For puppies over 6 weeks and dogs, we use Panacur. Both are available at our office; details below. Dewormers should be repeated every two weeks until the time of adoption.

Healthy animals 7 weeks or older can also be given their first vaccine. Calendar for when vaccines are given at office can be found at Good Karma Pet Rescue Calendar (better viewed on a computer).

Once you are fostering, please go on Facebook and join our volunteer group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/GKPRVOLS/
Please also take a moment to fill out your preferences for our volunteer newsletter: http://eepurl.com/bz-36D


Every new foster parent will have a Foster Mentor assigned to them. This is their primary contact for the rescue. Any issues you have should be addressed with the Foster Mentor. They will try to help keep you on track with having timely vetting done, as well as assist/guide the adoption process.


Safety first! Please make sure your foster pet has a collar with a name tag. If you have any extras for your pets, you can use one of ours. We also have plenty of them at our office for you to take, use, and re-use.

DOGS: Dogs should never be out of the house, unless in a secure yard, without being on a leash and wearing a collar with name tag. Skittish animals should have extra precautions, such as wearing a well-fitting harness, wearing a Martingale collar, or wearing multiple leashes, one of which may be a slip leash.

Foster dogs should receive heartworm prevention every month, which is supplied by the rescue and available at the office. Also keep the dog on monthly flea prevention.

Puppies under 4 months, or who aren’t fully vaccinated, should not be brought to a dog park.

CATS: Take extra care when going or out of your house when you have a foster cat. Never, ever have a cat or kitten outdoors while not secured in a carrier.

Please keep your cat flea-free by applying flea prevention on a monthly basis.


Prior to adoption all animals are vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. The age of your foster will determine what vaccines they are scheduled to receive and whether they are ready to be spayed or neutered. All cats are tested for FIV/FeLV at the time of their spay/neuter, and all dogs over 6 months old are tested for heartworm. Please be proactive to get your foster pet fully vetted so they are ready for adoption as soon as possible. 

If your foster should need vaccines or spayed/neutered, you will be contacted by a Good Karma representative (Foster Mentor) for guidance; the procedures for scheduling this care is explained on this page.

If you think your foster pet needs special veterinary attention, please check with Stacey or your Foster Mentor via email first then go ahead and make an appointment. Just tell the receptionist that you are a bringing in a Good Karma animal. 

We use two veterinarians routinely:

  • Animal Medical Center located at 6840 West Commercial Boulevard, Lauderhill, FL 33319. Phone number is (954) 741-2776. Hours are 7:30-7 on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday; Wednesday and Friday 7:30-6; and Saturday 8-4. Always call for an appointment. 

  • CATS ONLY, no shelter/contagious cases: Brookside Animal Hospital located at 10625 Wiles Rd, Coral Springs, FL 33076. Phone number is (954) 755-5540. Hours are 7:30-7 on Monday-Friday, and Saturday 8-4, and Sunday 9-4. Always call for an appointment. 


In cases of emergency only, we have a couple of other vets on hand we use. One is Dr. Simon Seskus at Dr. Simon’s Pet Clinic, 830 East Oakland Park Boulevard, Oakland Park, FL 33334. Phone is 954-561-3886. They are open M-Thursday 9-5, Friday 9-1, and Saturday 8-12. You need to have Stacey or Rachel make an appointment at Dr. Simon’s.

PLEASE always be on time for all veterinary appointments.  They help us out a lot and it hurts their productivity for the day when people show up late for appointments. We ask that you respect our arrangement and if for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment that you call their office directly to reschedule. Also please remember to be very friendly to the vet and staff. ONLY bring the animals for which you have an appointment. They welcome more than one pet per visit, but you should always get the OK to bring more than one pet before your visit. Please try to bring a fresh stool sample (as in retrieved in the past hour) to make the visit easier on your foster pet. DO NOT forget your orange folder. Always follow instructions given by the veterinarian; e.g. if they tell you to call back after 48 hours for results, please wait the 48 hours to call. 

If you notice anything at all that concerns you, please let your Foster Mentor. Changes in appetite or energy level, parasites in stool, external parasites, itchy ears, stinky stool, and skin conditions are all reasons to contact your Foster Mentor and to have your pet’s health checked.


If you believe your foster is having a life-threatening medical emergency, go to the closest open veterinary medical provider. It is a good idea to have a few regular- and after-hours veterinarians in your phone in case of emergency.

Examples of life-threatening emergency:

  • Hit by car

  • Bleeding profusely

  • Drowning

  • Unresponsive

  • Cool to the touch (very low body temp)

  • Suspected poisoning

As soon as you can, advise your Foster Mentor. If your Foster Mentor is unavailable, please contact one of the following, who are the only people authorized to approve emergency treatment:

  1. Rachel M.: (954) 401-5023

  2. Stacey T. (954) 491-8655

  3. Jenny M. (786) 777-8462

  4. Sofia M.: (954) 547-6614

  5. Tiffany C.: (561) 666-0274

If it is an emergency, but not life-threatening:

If Animal Medical Center or Brookside (for cats) is open, please call them and let them know you’re on your way in! In cases of emergency, you can also have Rachel or Stacey (numbers listed above) from the rescue call Dr. Simon’s for you if he is closer.

If the emergency occurs at nighttime, our after-hours veterinary office of choice is Pet Emergency Center at 921 E Cypress Creek Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334. Please call them if you are heading their way at (954) 772-0420. They know us there and have our payment method on file. They are open 5 p.m. – 8 a.m. on weekdays and 24 hours per day on the weekends.

If an urgent matter comes up on a Sunday during daytime hours, contact your Foster Mentor, who will direct you to an open regular veterinarian’s office, such as:

HEROES – Open 7 days per week
300 S Dixie Hwy, Pompano Beach, FL 33060
Phone: (954) 788-5995

DPC Veterinary – Open 7 days per week
6991 Stirling Rd, Davie, FL 33314
Phone: (954) 989-9879

Examples of a non-life-threatening emergency:

  • Pet not acting “normal”

  • Unusual vomiting/diarrhea

  • Lower-than-normal body temp

  • Pet not eating


We keep our supplies at our very own office! It is located near Andrews Avenue & Oakland Park Boulevard, at 3847 North Andrews Avenue, Oakland Park, FL. This is usually our meeting place for vaccines, photos, etc. as well. Most of the things you will need are available in the entryway, which is accessible 24/7/365. Just ask someone for the front-door code, or find it in our Facebook Group. The rest of the supplies are past the entryway door, so if you need something that is not in the entryway, just let the folks at the rescue know ahead of time to leave it out for you.

What do we have there?

  • Entryway: Heartworm prevention, Panacur and Pyrantel dewormers, Capstar, Terramycin eye ointment, flea medications, medicated and non-medicated shampoo, ear cleaner, Praziquantel (for tapeworms), SSD ointment, emergency-only dog and cat formula and bottles, as well as a couple of collars and leashes in each size

  • Past the Entryway: Donated food, dishes, doggy clothes, toys, treats. etc.

  • Collars & leashes

  • Crates

  • Tick treatment & prevention (NexGard)

Please help yourself to the food, toys, and etc. for use with your foster pets, and use the medications as recommended by our veterinarians and/or your rescue contact.  Stacey is available to meet at the office a couple of times per week, if you want to come by to get vaccines, supplies, photos of your foster done, or just ask a question or say hi.

As of January 2017, we also have supplies throughout the county in VET BOXES!


Reach out if you need one of these supplies in your area!

HOLLYWOOD (Near Hollywood Blvd & Turnpike)
Jan Steinberg
6335 Buchanan St
Hollywood, FL 33024

COOPER CITY (Near Sheridan & Nob Hill)
Dawn Walker
10320 Buenos Aires St
Hollywood, FL 33026

Becky Bowers
1040 Briar Ridge Rd
Weston, FL 33327

SUNRISE (Near Sunrise & Nob Hill)
Colleen Pinto
9670 NW 24th Ct
Sunrise, FL 33322

CORAL SPRINGS (Near Wiles & Coral Springs Drive)
Erin Idell
10637 NW 49th St
Coral Springs, FL 33076

BOCA RATON (Near Palmetto Park & 441)
Carie Pace
22206 SW 64th Terrace
Boca Raton, FL 33428


We these providers for spay/neuter surgeries:

  • ANIMAL MEDICAL CENTER (Pets 34 pounds and under ONLY)

*Note about cat surgeries: AMC will spay female kittens only when they reach a weight of at least 3 lbs. Male neuters can be done when the kitten reaches a weight of at least 2 lbs.

Surgeries are scheduled usually at least 2-3 weeks out, so please plan accordingly.  To schedule an appointment call (954) 741-2776.  They are located at 6840 West Commercial Boulevard, Lauderhill, FL 33319.

  • STRAY AID (Pets of all sizes) 

*Note about cat surgeries: Male & female kittens must be at a weight of at least 2 lbs by the time of their surgery to have surgery at Stray Aid.

Surgeries are scheduled usually at least 2-3 weeks out, so please plan accordingly. To schedule with Stray Aid:

For pets 20 lbs and under: Once we give you the OK, you can visit http://www.strayaid.org to make the appointment on a day that works for you. If you are bringing more than one pet, include that information where it says INCLUDE A MESSAGE. If you have a hard time with the scheduling site, just let us know your preferred day that says they have availability and we will make the appointment for you.

For pets over 20 lbs: Please text Stray Aid at (954) 816-0799 letting them know that you are a Good Karma foster and need to make an appointment. You will need to let them know the age, approximate weight, and sex of your foster pet. They will give you an appointment.

Stray Aid is a mobile unit, parked outside of the Florida Humane Society, 3870 Powerline Road, Pompano Beach, FL 33073.

Dropoffs are between 8-8:50 a.m. If you arrive even a minute late, you will be turned away and the rescue may have to pay a $30 fine for a missed appointment, so please make sure you are on time. They will be ready for pickup when Stray Aid tells you on the day of the appointment; usually between 12-1 p.m. Please be punctual when picking up your foster pet, or again, we can be fined.


Please do not give your pet food or water after midnight the night before his or her surgery.  Always bring dogs on leashes, and cats should be brought in a regular-sized carrier (no oversize carriers allowed). Litters of kittens should be put together in ONE carrier. Please do not put cat litter inside the carrier. Space is limited on the Stray Aid vehicle and, if you do not follow these instructions you could negatively affect their surgery day.

  • PLEASE: Follow ALL post-op instructions given to you by the facility who did the spay/neuter surgery. If a cone is instructed for use, ALWAYS have your foster pet wear the cone, even if s/he finds it annoying. Consult with your Foster Mentor if you have any problems.

  • If you are worried about an animal’s behavior or incision site after the surgery, you are welcome to text Stray Aid at the number above with a photo to ask them to address your concerns.

  • REMEMBER: If your foster came from an animal shelter and came to us intact, there should be a Spay/Neuter Release. This form is for the veterinarian who did the spay/neuter surgery to sign. Please bring this form to your appointment for spay/neuter to have the veterinarian sign, then return to your Foster Mentor as we have to turn this in to Animal Control as proof the animal has been altered.


Does your foster dog or cat need a professional grooming?  Here are your options!

  1. Please contact Raquel Ortiz-Fontana or Rose Mierbeth in the volunteering group. They are both Good Karma volunteers and donate their grooming services for our pets.

  2. If neither Raquel or Rose is available, you can call Merryfield School of grooming at 954-771-4030 and speak with Gregg the owner or Chris the manager. They need to see a copy of our 501c3 Determination Letter, and the grooming will be free by one of their grooming students. Their location is 5040 NE 13th Ave, Oakland Park, FL 33334.

  3. If those options do not work out, you can contact Li’l Piddlers at 954-561-7677 and schedule a grooming, which is discounted and paid for by Good Karma. They are located next door to Dr. Simon’s at 830 East Oakland Park Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334.

  4. If none of these options work for you, you can use your own groomer and pay out of pocket. Good Karma will not be responsible for payment if you choose to use your own groomer. 


FILL OUT THE ADOPTION APPLICATION. That is how you should let us know that you want to keep your foster pet. We are happy when you “foster fail” but we would much rather know you intend to keep your pet BEFORE we find a home for him or her, and DEFINITELY before we send a volunteer to do the home visit. After you pass the application process, you will fill out the adoption contract like other adopters and pay the adoption fee. If you wait too long, you may lose your chance to keep your foster pet.


Canine Vaccine Schedule for Puppies
First vaccine at 7-8 weeks old (DHPP) and booster every 3 to 4 weeks until they’re at least 16 weeks old. Rabies will be given at about 4 months old. We do not supply our foster puppies with a Bordetella vaccine.

If your foster dog is over 4 months old he should have a DHPP and a rabies vaccination prior to adoption.

Feline Vaccine Schedule for Kittens
First vaccine at 7-8 weeks old (FVRCP) and booster every 3 to 4 weeks until they’re over four months old. Rabies will be given at about 4 months old.

If your foster cat is over 4 months old she should have FVRCP and rabies vaccinations prior to adoption.

If you still have your foster puppy/kitten 3-4 weeks after his or her first DHPP/FVRCP vaccine, please bring your foster in on one of the days someone is at the office for the booster vaccine. It will help us greatly if you can mark your calendar for when this booster is due, so you can help us keep your foster pet on schedule. See the vaccine calendar here: GOOD KARMA CALENDAR 

You can also advise adopters that, even post adoption, they can get their boosters done at our office for a $10 donation to cover supplies.


We have adoption events monthly during which you can bring your foster. You will be notified of the events in advance. If you can’t make the event just let us know and we may have volunteers that will pick-up and drop-off your foster from the events. You can see our schedule of upcoming events at: http://events.goodkarmapetrescue.org.


We currently have two locations to display adoptable cats and kittens. Carie Pace is the volunteer who puts together the schedules for the Auggie’s display location. Please make sure you touch base with her as far as getting your foster kitty on the schedule, which can be found at: http://schedule.goodkarmapetrescue.org. Please make sure you always bring your pet’s orange folder, regardless of where he or she is going!

Auggie’s Doggies Pet Store, 1515 SW 1st Avenue, Fort Lauderdale FL 33315

  • Please drop off any time they are open as early as possible on the day your display week begins. Business hours are Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

  • You do not need to bring food; Auggie’s chooses to feed its own brand of food.

  • If you can help out with the daily morning cleaning, please let us know!

Good Luck Cat Cafe, located inside of Boomerangs Thrift Store, 2365 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305

  • Please make an appointment to bring your cat at a time when Stacey can meet you. Information for the bio card and cat info chart need to be submitted at least 48 hours before the cat’s arrival time. 

  • Cat food will be provided. If your cat needs a special kind of food or medication, please that along. 

  • If you can volunteer, please let us know!


Please send us any cute, adorable photos you are able to take of your foster. Read up on some tips for photographing your foster pet here. Also let us know about their personality and any silly quirks they may have. We can then post all that information to help get them into their forever home! And please make time to meet with Paola Paladini or Stacey to get an official rescue portrait done! It is also helpful if you can send us videos via email of your foster pet being sweet & adorable.


When your foster gets a good application it will be forwarded to you via email. You would then contact the applicant and make arrangements for a meet & greet. This is a time when the applicant can meet the foster pet to see if they are a good match. Meet & greets can be held at your home, the applicant’s home or in a more public location such as a park or adoption event. If the potential adopter is reasonably close to your home and you feel comfortable doing so, it saves us a step if you do the meet & greet in the potential adopter’s home as you can conduct a home visit at the same time.


We do home visits for ALL dogs and SOME cats. This is just to make sure that the people are as good in person as they are on paper. We look to make sure their home seems like a safe, healthy environment for their potential new pet. We also take some time to talk to the potential adopter to make sure they seem genuine and will be a wonderful pet guardian for the animal they want to adopt. This is a great article about home visits: http://adoptaboxerrescue.com/FormsAndPolicies/Adoption/AAABR%20Home%20Visit%20Guidelines%20and%20Procedures.pdf.  If it is not close enough to you or you are not comfortable doing the home visit, we will find someone to do the home visit for you. Home visits are done before ALL dog adoptions.


Once the meet & greet and home visit are complete, your foster pet can go to his or her new home, and you will be notified as such. You would need to make arrangements with the adopter regarding picking up their new pet. Also, by this time your foster should be up-to-date on vaccines and spayed or neutered. If they are not, please contact your Foster Mentor asap to help make these arrangements, which may mean the adopter will act as the foster parent for the time being and fill out a FOSTER-TO-ADOPT AGREEMENT.

When the adopters are picking up their new pet you should make sure the following has been:

  • Health Record is up to date (located in orange folder); after it’s filled out please tear the copies apart and keep the top white copy for the rescue

  • Adoption contract completed (located in orange folder); have the adopter fill out the white copy, and let them keep the blank yellow copy. Please make sure they fill out their name and driver’s license information.

  • What’s Included sheet completed (located in orange folder); please have them fill out the white copy for the rescue, and let them keep the blank yellow copy.

  • Microchip paper filled out with microchip information (located in orange folder)

  • Give adopters the orange folder containing their new pet’s information

  • Collect adoption donation – either cash or check, or have them pay via PayPal (link to do so is on the donate page).

  • Adoption donation covers getting the pet up-to-date on vaccines, spaying/neutering and microchip. Once the adoption is complete, the adopters are responsible for all continuing care unless otherwise noted in their adoption contract.

  • Pat yourself on the back, you just helped save a life! 

Once your foster has gone home, let your Foster Mentor know and make arrangements to transfer the adoption donation to her.


We call this a Foster-to-Adopt. This means the adopter is going to act as the foster parent for the pet until the pet is spayed/neutered. We have a form for them to fill out called the FOSTER-TO-ADOPT AGREEMENT. Please make sure you get one of these forms from your Foster Mentor or the office before the pet goes home. It is also available online at: http://contracts.goodkarmapetrescue.org but if you print this out for use PLEASE make sure you scan/email/copy the sheet so both the RESCUE and the ADOPTER have a copy. Please MAKE their spay/neuter appointment for them on the Stray Aid website or contact your Foster Mentor to help with this so that by the time the Foster-to-Adopt adopter takes possession of the pet, we already have a spay/neuter appointment on the books. Please advise your Foster Mentor of the date/time of the appointment.


It benefits the rescue if you buy your supplies yourself, but we do not want it to be a financial hardship for anyone and have it prevent them from fostering, so if you would like to be reimbursed for what you spend on your foster pets, please let us know. UPDATE August ’16: We currently have a lot of donated food at the office, so we will not be providing reimbursement for any food at this time. If you choose to buy the food for your fosters yourself, keep the receipts and keep track of how much you spend as you can take a tax deduction for the total.

If you choose to be reimbursed for expenses (food, litter), please submit your receipts via the Expense Reimbursement Form on our page at HTTP://EXPENSEFORM.GOODKARMAPETRESCUE.ORG.



Sometimes our rescued pets need care more specialized than our regular providers can give. In this case, you will be asked to schedule an appointment with a specialist. Please follow the instructions given.

Veterinary Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctor): Dr. Swinger – CLICK HERE


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