Good Karma has a robust transport program that takes cats from the overpopulated South Florida area to our partner shelters in the Northeast, where they have a waiting list for adoptable kittens and cats. In 2018, we transported over 500 fully-vetted cats and the number continues to grow each year.

Our transport program humbly began years ago with a group of relay drivers across the United States who each offered to drive 1-2 hour chunks of the drive with 10-20 of our cats in their personal vehicles.


We now have our own outfitted transport van which fits 50-80 cats in comfortable travel crates with hammocks, food, water and a litterbox. Our foster folks are always sad to see the kitties go, but happy to see how quickly they are adopted by loving families with our partners, knowing they could linger for months in foster homes here. 

Each transport costs roughly $7-10,000 for the cost of routine veterinary care, health certificates, gas and vehicle maintenance and is financed by our generous donors. Please consider sponsoring a cat for a future transport, or contribute towards the enormous costs by making a donation.