We are a foster-home-based rescue, meaning we could not do what we do without our awesome, loving foster parents!


Since all animals and their situations are different, fostering can be a very different experience from one pet to the next.


Some fosters want to help injured pets, so they may have their dog or cat while the pet has surgery and goes through recovery. Others want to help a shelter dog who may be euthanized if we couldn’t help, and their pet could be with them a few short weeks. Yet others love to foster families, so whether it’s a pregnant cat or a dog with newborns, they see them through the nursing, growing, and weaning of their babies.



Do you love to nurse sick animals back to health, or do you just want to provide a loving home short-term to a pet who just needs a few weeks to find her forever family? Do you want to foster just once? Do you want to foster one animal a year? Do you want a foster pet (or two) in your home all the time? We appreciate whatever you can give, and will work with what you can commit to.



From crates and collars to flea prevention and food. Your pet will get veterinary care at one of our veterinary partners at no cost to you. Our volunteers will advertise your pets for their forever homes, do home checks, and even transport when necessary. You just treat the pet like your own while she is with you so she is as happy & healthy as she can be when the right family comes along.


Interested in fostering? We'd love to have you join us!

"We joined Good Karma’s foster team two years ago and have fostered 26 pups in that time. It’s so rewarding to see them find forever homes and know you helped them get there."

-Melissa and Brian, Ft Lauderdale

"Good Karma quite literally changed my life. I had no idea that saving animals would be my calling but now I live, breathe, dream dogs. This rescue has given me the opportunity to grow as a person, meet amazing new people, and save so many lives. Thank you Good Karma!"

— Oda S., Ft Lauderdale

"We saw the commitment and love that goes into the adoption process with our first rescue from Good Karma. We've since temp fostered and helped organize public events to get the pets seen and adopted.


We've met many dedicated volunteers that keep it all going to save as many lives as possible and we're very proud to be a tiny grain of rice in this awe-inspiring dedicated rescue group."

— Tricia and Kevin, Ft Lauderdale



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